Garden Design Consultation

We can make your garden dreams a reality!

Our Horticulturalist will meet with you at your home to assess your yard and consider your ideas, style and goals for your garden. We can make design and planting recommendations and provide you with a plant list. We can provide a rough sketch of the area, depending on size and complexity.

Garden Design Brief 1hour consultation

Starting at $325

Our team will review your current design needs and help you make your ideas a reality. We can make a design and planting recommendations along with a plant list. Often a simple sketch will be included. 

Scale Design Plan 2.5hour consultation

Starting at 500$

• If you have a new yard or you need a re-design of your current garden
• Possible design changes include new beds, plantings and small garden features
• To scale designs are provided
• Ideal for a 9m x 12m (30' x 40') yard

Full Service Design and Installation

Prices upon request

• If you have an ambitious plan for changes that you want to be made into reality
• Perfect for those who want to sit back and watch the magic happen
• To scale designs are provided
• Design and Installation quotes upon request

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