Care Instructions will be provided after your installation.
Please note, that proper care will be needed to ensure the 5-year MYKE® warranty applies.


    Water each plant thoroughly after it’s been planted. Let the plant adjust to its new environment, including its new soil, sun exposure, and minerals found in the earth.

    Water daily. Do not fertilize for the next 3-4 weeks.

    Water daily for the first week or two to keep the soil moist around the plant.

    "How can I check if the soil needs watering?"

    Checked by simply digging down a few inches and feeling the dirt with your hand.

    Many plants will look bad for a few days after being planted because of the abrupt transition. This is normal. Don’t overreact by over watering or adding fertilizer.


    By its first month, the roots have adjusted to its new surroundings and they begin to establish themselves.

    You may now cut back on daily watering and provide a good soak 2-3 times a week unless the weather is extra hot and dry.

    "When should I start fertilizing?"

    We recommend 3-4 weeks after planting before fertilizing with liquid solutions; by then, the plants should have recovered from any root damage.

    It is important to water plants thoroughly with water before applying the liquid fertilizer to avoid burning the roots if the soil is dry.


    After the first month or two, watering can be cut down to 1-2 times per week. Giving time between watering will promote roots to grow deeper.

    "Should I wrap my plants from the cold early?"

    The best time to wrap a plant is after the first snowfall when the snow actually stays for a couple of days.

    Avoid wrapping too early to encourage the plant to build strength in its stems and endurance to the cold.

    Cover the plant with triangle wood planks to avoid crushing weight and then wrap the structure with burlap to reduce wind and moisture loss.

    *Large plants require long bars to be dug around, followed by wrapped burlap to avoid crushing the branches.

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